Gabrielle Ange

Gabrielle Ange Sagnier. Painter surrealist oniric .

Gabrielle Ange was born in Paris, France where She studied at the School of Modern Art. She has lived in several countries and has developed her work as a painter in France (where she received awards), the USA and Spain. She has spent many years teaching and
developing her own school of intuitive and healing painting through music for adults and children at her art studio, opening a channel for art and creativity. Her work has been exhibited in museums and galleries around the world and is part of numerous private collections in countries such as France, Spain, England, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and the United States. She creates murals, paintings in oil on canvas, acrylic, mixed, sanguine and charcoal as well as decorations for apartments, hotels, wineries and estates. A recognized artist, her workplace is an exhibition space for her work and facilitates the delivery of orders directly to customers. Specializing in portraits on request (winner of the best picture of the year award in Paris) in black and white and in colour, for both adults and children, her recent work “Children of the world” shows the importance of spirituality through the eyes of the children who are our future.

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  • School of modern art, plastic art, L´Esam (Paris)

  • School of modern art: Architecture – Decoración Interior, L´Esam (París)

  • School of styling, École des Taillandiers ( Paris).

  • Newage Theatre Workshop ( Miami, USA): Alec Rubin ( Studio New York

  • Acting Class Workshop ( Miami, USA): Michael J. Stark

  • University Pablo Olavide ( Sevilla): Course “Art therapy and Visual Arts in the construction of identity  ”.

  •  Institute Gestalt Counselling ( Sevilla): Therapist training in Gestalt Counselling

  • Reiki master, Federación Española de Reiki (2015)

  • healing with tibetan singing bowls

  • channeling healing therapy

  • Grand prix dÁquitaine (jury prize).

  • Grand prix du Sud Ouest ( creativity prize).

  • Biennale du Sud Ouest ( surrealismo prize)